Our Chai


At Gray Duck Chai we follow a few simple rules that we believe helps make an amazing cup of chai. None of these rules are rocket science, but by following them we can ensure that we produce a chai that we are extremely proud of, is sociably responsible, and tastes amazing.

1. Use only whole spices and grind them on the day the chai is brewed. This ensures that each spice we use maintains all of its essential oils throughout the brew process giving the chai as much of each spices flavors and aromas as possible. We never use any extracts or artificial ingredients or use pre-ground spices that have had weeks or months to lose their integrity.

2. Use only Organic ingredients. All of our chai uses only organic tea, spices, and sweeteners in each bottle you see. The word organic has a deep meaning and it’s impact on the world is huge. It is not only a great option for quality ingredients, but our belief that it is our responsibility to the world and the farmers who grow our ingredients. The one exception we make to this rule is the honey used in our Rooibos + MN Honey blend as truly organic honey isn’t produced in the US and we are proud to support our local honey farmers.

3. Hand brew in small batches. Like so many chai companies have done, it is easy to want to have a big warehouse brew your chai for you and package it in cardboard boxes. It is our belief that a hands on approach creates a better chai that is noticeable in every way. At Gray Duck, Owner and Head Brewer Katey Niebur takes part in brewing each and every batch that comes out of our brewery located in Saint Paul, MN, ensuring that every cup of chai you drink has had a personal stamp of approval from the person who created it.

4. Produce a lightly sweetened chai. We use just enough sweetener to bring out the full flavor of the tea and spices, and not a single granule more. So many versions of chai you see at the grocery store have an excessive amount of sugar, or use artificial sweeteners that can be harmful. Gray Duck Chai uses only 100% organic cane sugar portioned to let you perfectly experience all of the spices and tea that is the star of the chai.

By following these guidelines we believe that we offer an exceptional cup of chai that is both delicious and sociably responsible. We hope you enjoy drinking Gray Duck Chai as much as we do.